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Haven't watched Heroes yet.

By Q-Bert - Posted on 31 October 2007

So, no article about it until tomorrow morning.

Heroes: Fight or Flight

By Q-Bert - Posted on 23 October 2007

Wait! Can you hear that ??

It's the sweet absence of Sylar. Isn't that awesome ?

I am not sure I could have sat through another filler episode. So it's good news that this one actually had content. Read more

Heroes: Kindness of Strangers

By Q-Bert - Posted on 16 October 2007

Or a better title would have been: "Heroes: Filler" Read more

When it rains, it pours

By Q-Bert - Posted on 12 October 2007

So, I was upgrading KC today (the server this website resides on) I was pretty much done.

My last step was to tune the dependancies and save a few configs. So I ran an automated script.

Well, the script ended up re-updating the main library that all Unix programs link to (glibc for the initiated). In fact, it downgraded my library. Now, only Apache and PHP work. That's why you can view this site right now, but I cannot login to my own machine, and no emails are being received or sent. Read more

N00b in Bloodbath land

By Q-Bert - Posted on 10 October 2007

So, I joined Akufadumamai and Maurice last night on Halo3.... legendary setting....

Not enjoyable.

On most of the maps that we were on, I would spawn and turn to see the action.... and die.
After the 15th time in a row, I got the message and just got up and did something else.

I've decided to not join that level of gameplay until I am WAAAAY better, or this will ruin my taste for network gaming altogether. I am sure that Aku and Maurice will weep for my absence.

Heroes - Kindred

By Q-Bert - Posted on 09 October 2007

Well, the writers are getting their heads out of their asses apparently: Candice was fat.

Remember that I complained that Sylar and Peter were still alive. Well, with Sylar not being able to use his powers, and Peter with amnesia, it let's the other characters progress and prevents the second season from just being a carbon copy of the first. Also, I don't really mind the fact that Peter is becoming a second Sylar... I prefer a becoming-dark-lord to a whiney-emo-child anyday. Read more

Why I won't shop at Best Buy anymore.

By Q-Bert - Posted on 07 October 2007

So, I walk into Best Buy (next to the Lynx Stadium) to purchase an Xbox 360 drive and NHL'08.

  • Had to find a sales person to unlock the Xbox 360 Disk Drive "display". That took a good 10 minutes.

  • Looked at the NHL'08 cases that clearly say "PRE SALES". Good thing I asked the sales goon that came to unlock the Xbox 360 drives: "When does NHL'08 come out then?" To which he, of course, answers: "Oh, it is out already. It's at the front." Of COURSE! How stupid of me!
Read more

The calendar.

By Q-Bert - Posted on 01 October 2007

So, Coxxorz asked me to put up a calendar where we could show when we were available for gaming. Took me a few weeks, but it got done.

I'm not saying that I had to spend 20 hours of my time to get it done, but it wasn't 2 minutes either.

I would certainly appreciate it if I wasn't the only one to actually use it to show my availability...

It would be espcially lovely if the person who actually asked for it would use it.

Not that I'm bitching, mind you...

As I sit here all alone...

By Q-Bert - Posted on 28 September 2007

The whole herd is at Coxxorz playing Halo 3. Good for them; who needs them anyways. I can make my own fun.... here... all alone... with this pen... and calculator ... and dust bunnies... -sigh-

One more load of wash to do.


I guess I have to move some stuff downstairs for the party tomorrow....


Who needs them anyways....

Heroes, a new season

By Q-Bert - Posted on 26 September 2007

I know that HoC is about gaming, but what the hell...

So, I viewed the season opener of Heroes on Monday, and I must say that I am looking forward to the rest of the season. As everyone remembers, the ending of the last season kinda sucked hairy balls.... But if they pull their heads out of their asses, they can use this season to explain and refurb a lot of the goofs they did in that episode.

The rest of this post has spoilers.... Read more

"Not a team player"

By Q-Bert - Posted on 20 September 2007

... well actually, it's the opposite...

I tried to play Supreme Commander last night. I had played a full hour last week, and it was OK; but just OK. So, I turned it off after 5 minutes last night, electing instead to watch Holmes on Homes on the Tivo. Read more

Windows on Mac

By Q-Bert - Posted on 13 September 2007

So, I received my new macbook pro on Tuesday, and transfered all my old Powerbook's content unto the new Pro.
I used the Firewire migration tool and selected "Everything"


So, on Wednesday night, I reinstalled OSX on the Pro... Copied my data over, and downloaded and installed all the software I used regularly. Everything works fine now.

Now it's Thursday morning and I decide to install Boot Camp and get Windows XP on this puppy. Well, as I look at Windows XP installing itself on the MacBook Pro, I am struck by a few feelings:

    Read more

    My laptop is dead! Long live my laptop!

    By Q-Bert - Posted on 06 September 2007

    Just bought a MacBook Pro refurb, for $1000 less than the new one, plus AppleCare.

    8 Days delivery

    The countdown begins....

    My laptop bites the dust.

    By Q-Bert - Posted on 04 September 2007

    Well, my Powerbook has seen a few countries and a few airplane cargo holds, so I guess it is fair to say it's "weathered"... but I think it is also dead now.

    All apps now crash one-by-one. All fans are blowing fulltime. Nothing really running in the background.

    I think the motherboard is finally cracked. This thing has been dropped on the floor so many times, it's a miracle it's a alive at all anymore.

    I priced a replacement, but $4K CDN will hurt. At least I get a Windows-capable/OSX-capable laptop in one shot. Read more


    By Q-Bert - Posted on 29 August 2007

    So, how much is Xbox-live for the 360 anyways ? Per month...

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