CafePress Order

By Stormblade - Posted on 21 September 2007

I received an e-mail today from CafePress asking me to rate the shopping experience, so I guess that means they've shipped the order. I am hoping it will be here in time for next Friday. I will need my 'Rated M' shirt.

If it does, I'll bring the stuff with me. Except Revek's, he doesn't deserve it after the number of times he's 'team' killed me recently.

Halo Count plug in

By Akuf - Posted on 21 September 2007

Gotta breed them all!

By Blackwalt - Posted on 21 September 2007

F@NB0Y$ seems to understand Snuffy D's wife fairly well.


By Coxxorz - Posted on 20 September 2007

Cnet has posted a (brief) article on the Neo1973, a hackable Linux-based phone that uses an open source operating system.

Sounds cool if you like answering calls using the command line prompt.

"Not a team player"

By Q-Bert - Posted on 20 September 2007

... well actually, it's the opposite...

I tried to play Supreme Commander last night. I had played a full hour last week, and it was OK; but just OK. So, I turned it off after 5 minutes last night, electing instead to watch Holmes on Homes on the Tivo. Read more

HDMI not so HD

By Blackwalt - Posted on 20 September 2007

Not with Rainbow Six Vegas anyway.

So I have used HDMI on my Xbox Elite before. To watch DVDs, not play games. I used it this weekend to watch Casino Royale and was impressed by the quality of the picture. It was sweetness and light and I stared at the TV mesmerized.

The TV in question is a Viewsonic 37" LCD 1080i with a resolution of 1360x768. With HDMI in case you were wondering.

I couldn't wait until I tried gaming through HDMI. Couldn't wait.

Until I tried it that is. Read more

Top 10 Google Search

By MauriceRevek - Posted on 20 September 2007

Wow! We are in the top 10 list on search results for the term "Herd of Cats".

Who would have thought?

Sega Rally!

By Coxxorz - Posted on 20 September 2007

I shrieked with glee when I first read that the demo had been released on Live. I couldn't wait to get home. Anticipation turned to disappointment when I realized that this is not the rally game you're waiting for. But whatever, it's a racing game, and you can't go wrong with Sega, right?

Maybe. Read more

Halo 3 countdown widget

By Coxxorz - Posted on 19 September 2007

Are you using OSX Tiger yet?

I bet you are now.


By Blackwalt - Posted on 19 September 2007

Don't do it! Don't play that early copy of Halo 3...

Play Halo 3 Before Its Release Date and You'll Get Banned

TeamXbox has more details.

Microsoft Hardware Sucks – except...

By Blackwalt - Posted on 19 September 2007

The Xbox hardware just pisses me off sometimes.

Damn stupid Wireless headset.

Last night going in for an HoC grenade fest in Rainbow Six Vegas I finally get the headset fully charged as it ran out the previous night.

Let's turn it on. Hey, the lights are flashing and its not syncing with the 360. Dammit. Okay. Off and on. Not resyncing.

Fine push resnyc button on Headset, push resync button on 360. Ah hah. There we go. Synced.

Leafs a .500 team

By Ice - Posted on 18 September 2007

Ok Looks like the Toronto Maple Leafs will be a .500 team this year, that is if the first intersquad game is a reflection.

The record after the first game is 1 win 1 lose

So for all those skeptics that didn't think the Leafs would win a game this year. We are 1-1 in games that don't count and that we played against ourselves.

If you wonder why Maurice never posts comments...

By Q-Bert - Posted on 18 September 2007

It's because he never logs in beforehand. Tragic really. All his comments making fun of me will just remain in the moderation queue and rot there.

Really.... tragic...


By Coxxorz - Posted on 18 September 2007

To the first person who can get me a receipt from EB Games for any used game, dated between June 3 and August 7. Good for one adult admission to an actual movie theatre (my apologies for making you leave the house). Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.

Halo 3 advertising campaign take 2 -- the comics.

By Blackwalt - Posted on 17 September 2007

Updated. Halo 3's somewhat ridiculous Ad Campaign is being mocked by web cartoonists:

Ctrl-Alt-Del comments on the variety of unrelated products. Read more


iTunes Store is selling Call of Duty: Zombies for just $1.99 ($2.79 CDN?)


The EA Publisher Sale has TitanFall 2 on sale for $40 in the Xbox Marketplace (normally $99). If you prefer more pickup the Titanfall 2/Battlefield 1 Deluxe Bundle for $56.10 (normally $169.99). So tempted but no (not yet).


Did Princess Leia just kill me?


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